Sunday, July 16, 2006


The sound of marching, charging feet

PRD protestors in wizard costumes and dressed as pregnant ballot urns before the electoral court (from La Jornada Horses on the march! From La Jornada The protest march from the Anthropology Museum to the Zocalo. The PRD has alleged that the IFE illegally opened 40% of the ballots. Antonio Gershenson points out that because packets were opened in secret, this has sown seeds of suspicion that will be hard to extirpate. He says that Esther Alba Gordillo suborned governors of northern PRIista states to "pass" PRI votes to PAN. David Quintana S. writes that this is a watershed moment for small farmers. He feels they must take to the streets or face complete devastation of the traditional farm. The electoral advisors of Mexico (DF) Districts 25, 22, 24, 3, 9, 18, 15, 14, 1, 20, 26, 12, 2) have asked permission to recount the ballots. La Jornada editorializes in favor of a complete recount and lacerates the electoral institute (IFE) for opening ballot boxes without representatives of the political parties present. 2200 police will join AMLO, though not as protestors, but as a security force that had to be doubled because of the size of the protest. In the grand journalistic tradition of blaming everyone equally, Jorge Jepeda Patterson opines that the evidence presented by the PRD in the immediate wake of the election was disorganized and occasionally wrong, with the films being partially or fully debunked [Ed: this is an overstatement. The films show what they show, which--whether it's criminal or not-- ain't pretty.] He criticizes FOX for abusing the power of the state, PAN (and the PRD, for reasons that are completely unclear) for the dirty election, and Calderon for retreating into legalism, and for being so dense as to not see that if he pulls a George Bush, he'll end up with an angry and divided Mexico. Francisco Valdes Ugalde says that Mexico will export the vast wisdom of the electoral institute (IFE) [Ed: considering what a mess the country is in, this could be construed as a terroristic threat.] Filth 2006, is how Proceso delicately puts it. Proceso is a lot less generous to PAN than El Universal. They say that this was a fraud of an "advanced school" which makes the election theft of 1988 look pale. Proceso blames organized power for blocking change in Mexico.
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