Sunday, July 09, 2006


Tom DeLay's Thinking Of Running Again For His Old Seat

You know, the seat he was forced to resign because he's in dire danger of getting sent to prison? Oh, please, Tom, pleeeeeaaaase run again. I want to see if the voting public of TX-22 is going to vote for a guy who'd have to resign his seat a second time, should he actually win.

Well, you know, they nominated him with enough votes that he could win a general election. And since the present House leadership is as crooked as he is, they'd very likely let me serve, all the while complaining about how he had been persecuted by a liberal Texas jury.

The *are* that shameless, you know.
I can just hear the Democratic candidate's ads: "Tom DeLay wants to represent this district when he doesn't live here anymore. He said so himself."
Ah yes, another fine example of Republican "thinking" demonstrated so wonderfully,

Kind of like this

Ted Stevens, Remixed
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