Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ulysses S. Grant: Our Greatest President?

Nathan Newman makes the case. Apparently, the spiritual ancestors of the same folk that Swift Boated Kerry and impeached Clinton, led the mother of all smear jobs against Grant because of his passage of the first Civil Rights laws and his relentless attacks on the Klan. If he'd been allowed to enforce the laws upholding Reconstruction, the racist Confederates would never have retaken the South and America might well have advanced to the point that a black president could be elected.

A point not made by Newman, which may further explain the lack of love, is that Grant was among the most explicitly secular-minded of presidents, thus ruining the "the patriots were all evangelical Christians" fable.
Wow, Bruce. I'd known that, but had forgotten about it.

Whether Grant is actually the greatest president is up for debate. But I'd rank him higher than, say, the rabidly racist Woodrow Wilson, who did his damndest to undo all of Grant's initiatives, especially where the Federal Government was concerned.
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