Monday, July 03, 2006


Unlimited Lust for Power

Destroying Iraq and rattling sabers in Iran's direction obviously aren't keeping Those People busy enough. They still have time to spend on an old favorite: plotting to hand Cuba U.S.-style democracy on a silver platter. I'm going to make a wild guess that the U.S. media aren't exactly all over this*; I read about it in England's Independent.

A new high-level report due for publication later this week urges the United States government to begin preparations to intervene in Cuba in the event President Fidel Castro's death. The goal is to help spawn a speedy transition on the island towards "democracy and political freedom". The recommendations, which include the creation of an $80m (£43m) fund to promote democracy in Cuba, are contained in the latest report compiled by the Commission for Assitance to a Free Cuba, created by President George Bush three years ago. The group is co-chaired by the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and by the US Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, a Cuban-American.
We can stop right there. A commission created by George W. Bush, chaired by Condoleezza Rice and a "Cuban-American" political appointee. Millions of dollars to spend. We know what that means: windfall profits for Bush's corporate cronies, shameless interference in the target country's internal affairs, and abject misery for the recipients of Bush-style "democratization". (* A Google News search turns up a Miami Herald report from last week, but that's it from the U.S. media. The Bush regime plotting the takeover of another foreign country isn't news.)
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