Sunday, July 30, 2006


Welcome to the DEM(exic)O!

Most people in the north may feel that there was something crooked, but what can one do? ask primary school teachers Braulio Luna and Rogelio Nájera. They drove 22 hours to get away from the lying media that saturates northern Mexico and hear it straight from AMLO. Calderon supporters, eat your hearts: The judge in charge of the electoral court has accepted the possibility of recounting all the votes. In other words, all this ..grr.. stuff about a full recount being "illegal" is now "inoperative." PAN may of course lodge specific objections which will be heard, but the judge limited the causes for not recounting to One of the many explosive charges being explored is the role of churches in corrupting the election. Illegal use of the voter registry is another charge to watch. As I understand it from other sources, PAN got the list of all the disabled people utterly dependent on the government for their daily bread and told them which way to vote. Even in Mexico, with its long history of manipulation, this would not go down well. Reminiscent of the former snake, er... Senator from Georgia, Esther "(z)Ell"-ba Gordillo denies that she was involved in fraud. Of course, she didn't provide any evidence to refute the charges: that in over 4,000 precincts there were statistically-impossible levels of voter registration or that in 485 precincts where there was not representative from the PRD to supervise the vote, FeCal got 64% of the vote while AMLO got 30%. Victor Toledo opines that no one could imagine the possibility of computer fraud were it not for the shocking example presented by Mexico's northern neighbor. And no, he's not talking about Canada. Seems they read Rolling Stone and Bradblog too. Julio Hernandez Lopez calls it, to paraphrase, the Calderon Crime Family (literally, the group of organized delinquents). Lady Fox's statement that that federal deputy Jesus Gonzalez Schmal's authority had limits, whose limits excluded investigation of corruption by the Fox family, did not go down well. He calls Ugalde "¡Uh: Fraude!" whose translation should be evident. Dagnabit: why do we Americans have to have the Mexicans show us how democracy is done? Calderon has the effrontery to compare himself to Madero. More as possible.
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