Friday, July 07, 2006


Why I Love Howard Dean, Reason #45698345609

The Good Doctor didn't wait very long to blast the New York Supreme Court's decision to forbid gays from getting married in that state:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean called the rationale used in a decision by the New York appeals court reaffirming a ban on gay marriage "bigoted and outdated," RAW STORY has learned. In a release issued today, Dean characterized the decision as inconsistent with Democratic values. "As Democrats, we believe that every American has a right to equal protection under the law and to live in dignity. And we must respect the right of every family to live in dignity with equal rights, responsibilities and protections under the law," the former Vermont governor wrote. "Today's decision by the New York Court of Appeals, which relies on outdated and bigoted notions about families, is deeply disappointing, but it does not end the effort to achieve this goal." Dean went on to call for the New York State legislature to change the laws to "protect the equal rights of every New Yorker," and "to proceed without the rancor and divisiveness that too often surrounds this issue."
Go get 'em, Doc!

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