Monday, August 28, 2006


ABC Running GOP's "Clinton Gave Us 9//11!" Puff Piece

Sad but true. However, we have a few weeks to get out there and counter this nonsense with some truth. While Clinton since 1996 was doing his best to focus on getting Osama, the GOP/Media Complex was doing THEIR best to impeach and remove him from office -- not over anything like, say, wrongfully invading and occupying a country and killing over 100,000 people in the process รก la Bush, but over an affair with a staffer. They were hollering "WAG THE DOG!" and calling Bin Laden just a little old innocent Saudi businessman. When Sandy Berger tried to warn Condi Rice that she would be needing to pay more attention to Al-Qaeda than anything else in her new job as NSA chief, she blew him off. Clinton's efforts at vigilance in the face of constant political/media attack compares well to Bush and his constant vacationings. Bush in fact was on vacation when the August 6, 2001 warning entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" hit his desk; not only did he not read, but none of his upper-echelon people did, or thought it worth disturbing his rest.

Whatever happened to "It happened on my watch, so I take responsibility"?

This is as bad as blaming Clinton for Ruby Ridge.
Whatever happened to "It happened on my watch, so I take responsibility"?

That went out with Bill Clinton -- or rather, his Attorney General, Janet Reno, who took responsibility for the botched ending to the Waco siege even though GHW Bush was president when it started, Bush appointees Sessions (FBI) and Potts (BATF) were running the show, and she'd only been confirmed in office for about a week. Clinton's political enemies eagerly treated this as a weakness, getting her to authorize the most ridiculous politically-motivated probes of the Clintons, just because she would bend over backwards to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

You could gather up the entire Bush II Junta and not find enough moral fiber to match that in one of Janet Reno's fingernail clippings.
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