Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The AP Gets It Backwards

Democrats abandon Lieberman, back Lamont Uh, no. Lieberman abandoned the Democrats.

Do you get the impression that AP gets the FOX Memo of the Day?
Wow, that is harsh and a sure sign times have changed. Before we were forced to live in our Orwellian Bush world, this would not have made the news.

This was the Democratic primary. Aren’t the primaries suppose to be the time when we, the people, express our views on who should represent the party at the next election? And shouldn't the Party, then support the winner of the primary?

What Hillary et al did is exactly what they should be doing, supporting the winner. If they didn't, then why have a Party at all if Party is the only one who gets to decide who will run.

It feels like this country is trying to become like the Mexico of old or the former Soviet Union - only the person in office gets to choose their successor and the people can pretend to have a vote.
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