Tuesday, August 22, 2006


"The country is serenely peaceful" --President Vicente Fox

Updated, 4:15PM Eastern Buses burning serenely peacefully after a commando attack against Cortv(Channel 9), Oaxaca, dislodged the citizens's movement that had occupied it. Image by Ezequiel Leyva of La Jornada. At 3:30 AM, 60 men in plainclothes fired on the occupiers, wounding Sergio Vale Jiménez, a teacher, and destroying the broadcast equipment. Three teachers, known only as José Adelfo, Daniel y Eloy disappeared (and one can assume are being tortured and perhaps murdered). A similar attack occurred at 6AM at the Secretariat of State Finances. A hundred cartridges of various kinds were found around Channel 9, including .38 and 9 mm, AR-15, and shotgun 12 and 16 gauge. Amazingly, El Universal goes through the looking glass to report exactly what did not happen in Oaxaca. In their alternate reality, the protestors are attacking the stations. In reality, they occupied the stations without any injuries or deaths. They are being dislodged from their occupation under a hail of gunfire by what look like death squads. But propaganda from the English language version of El Universal, Mexico News, is nothing new. The Office of the President says it was ordered unilaterally by the Governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, which probably means it was ordered unilaterally by Fox. Interesting background on Oaxaca and The Blue Anvil is presented by Astillero. And another angel gets its wings as I discover XicanoPwer's blog, which is amazingly detailed and provides lots of historical context. A very powerful philosophical piece by Enrique Dussel explores law vs. legitimacy. To put it simply, law is a system of of rules and procedures. If people are not allowed an equal say in creating the system, it is simply a tool by which the powerful impose their will. One may justly oppose an unjust legal system. Kos Diarist El Cid gives us the Houston Chronicle's version of the Ahumada tapes. They grudgingly agree that, yeah, well, so there was a conspiracy against Lopez Obrador, but it doesn't matter 'cause he's a nut-- as proven by the fact that he thinks people are out to get him. Maroons. The Sicartsa strike in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, is over. The head of the Supreme Court, Mariano Azuela, is struggling to avoid investigating election fraud as requested by 16,806 legal filings by citizens. He has conceded that Article 97 of the Constitution permits this. If the Supreme Court refuses to get involved, the only other avenue would be the Interamerican Court of Human Rights. In Chiapas, the PRDist, Sabines remains ahead by 0.22% or 2,405 votes. But 270 poll tallies representing 63,000 votes were not counted. There are 247 "inconsistent tallies" and 23 from geographically isolated locations. That leaves plenty of room for the PRI/PAN to steal the election.
Seems like every week I'm having to remind people that the coverage of the stolen Mexican election here is better than any place else on line or in the electronic media. At least the English language media.

You are doing wonderful work.
That photo kinda says it all, eh?

Keep us posted on the fate of the teachers. I have a feeling that this will be very important in the coming days and weeks.
Thanks, guys. I'll try to keep it up, though it is frankly a bit of a sacrifice.

Yes, what is happening in Oaxaca is canary in the coalmine stuff. Once the cycle of repression and retaliation gets going, it's hard to stop.
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