Saturday, August 26, 2006


Did Calderon call for a coup?

From a cartoonist called El Fisgon at La Jornada Now, prove to me that the candidate with clean hands was harmed by the irregulaties. In the wake of the labeling of the Attorney General's office as pimp and coverup for torture and murder, Sendero del Peje asks whether Fox had human rights activist and lawyer Digna Ochoa murdered. Film is available covering this and other cases where the government of Vicente Fox may have stood to benefit: 1. 2. 3. 4. Lopez Obrador has accused Calderon of planning a coup similar to what happened in the wake of the 1988 election. He claimed that Calderon met with directors and journalists of an unspecified radio chain and, when asked how he would govern in a climate of protest and claims of fraud, he replied that he could establish his credibility with "un Quinazo." This phrase refers to the 1989 detention of the oilman Joaquín Hernández Galicia, La Quina. Calderon is also planning a Nixon-style welfare program to calm down the poor. He will also use elements of the PRI and foreign governments to create an aura of legitimacy. And, finally, he will dominate the airwaves. The Electoral Court keeps SAYING that the public can find the results of its labors here. (And so they can. There's not one detail of the recount and the last press release is 12 day old). Proceso has organized a citizen recount and also petitioned the court to upload the documents. The Court has stalled, and Proceso says they hold the public in little regard. The National Security Archive has put up a page. There's the following great picture by Proceso showing the alacrity with which the IFE received its FOIA request: That hand. Is she a mutant? More on the grenade attack against Por Esto! from NarcoNews. A criminal investigation against the head of the electoral institute (IFE), Luis Carlos Ugalde, has been initiated by the Attorney General through the "Fepade" (Fiscalia Especializada para la Atencion de Delitos Electorales or The Special Office for Election Crimes). Basically, why did he order a review of the voter rolls covering only a tenth of the names. The plaintiff, Genaro Núñez Reyes Spíndola, said that Ugalde had lied in claiming that the National University had approved the methodology. As background, there is the matter that the IFE claimed there were 71.8 million voters, while Mexican equivalent of Census showed 65 million. Did Hildebrando's have any effect on the handling of the voter rolls? The software business Identics was used in reviewing the rolls. The IFE reviewed only 11 million voters and knocked a measly 2 thousand off.
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