Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Either Tom DeLay's Internal Poll Numbers Really Suck, Or He's Hoarding All His Campaign Money For His Legal Defense Fund...

...because he sure doesn't seem to be interested in running for the seat he just resigned from -- and which not too long ago he was a lock to win. ------------- UPDATE: And it's official now. Seems that Tom's lobbyist donor buddies weren't falling for the old "re-election campaign" scam a second time -- a number of them believed Tom when he'd said that he'd beat the rap and be back in Congress, and so were REALLY ticked off when he resigned his seat immediately after winning the GOP primary. They expected to see the nearly two million they gave him spent on his re-election, not his legal fund. No point in their throwing money at an EX-Congressman, now is there? Start singing now, Tom. Your last funding hope's been cut off -- your old friends won't have anything to do with you now, not since you bilked them out of nearly two big ones. Better try to cut the Mother of All Plea Bargains now, while you still have some cash left in the kitty.

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