Saturday, August 12, 2006


Election Rejection

Via Bradblog Donzella James has filed suit against Georgia for using non-verifiable voting machines in GA-13. Cynthia McKinney may join the suit over her recent primary in GA-04. This in addition to the lawsuit filed over the Busby/Bilbray race... lamentably, not by Busby. Also, allegations of election fraud are being reviewed by a Grand Juryin Texas. It's very hard to read the details of how people are denied their right to vote and then the sneers delivered by so-called liberals who are comfortable enough to not really care if elections are legitimate.
I'm not entirely sure that Kos et al believe that voting rights are unimportant. It's just that until candidates appear to take an interest in counting votes (Mr. Kerry to the red courtesy phone, please, Mr. Kerry to the red courtesy phone) it looks like tinfoil hattery to the unconvinced to maintain that votes are being stolen. I'll be the first to tell you that I think votes are being stolen, but when you craft a message intended to sway the public at large, you need to be circumspect. My two bits.
Michael, I am not asking anyone to believe that votes are being stolen. But when numerous lawsuits-- which cost large amounts of money and require at least basic evidence to avoid being dismissed with prejudice-- are filed, it's a story. When RFK Jr. and Mike Papantonio file one of those lawsuits, it's a huge story. These are the guys who brought down Big Tobacco.

I actually wasn't thinking of Kos when I wrote about sneers. I was thinking about Jay Bookman of The Atlanta Journal Constitution. He's one of the smartest editorial writers in the nation (granted, that doesn't mean much) and yet he is willing to slam anyone who questions elections.

I have been systematically going through the specific allegations on the Mexican election. Precinct so-and-so: ballot packet opened, 100 votes for Lopez Obrador miscounted as for Calderon. Precinct so-and-so: received 200 ballots. Voted: 170. Surplus: 82. These challenges have been raised at great cost, both financial and in terms of personal effort. Do they amount to proof of a systematic electoral fraud? I don't know. That's what we (supposedly) have courts, congressional committees, and newspapers for.

I do know that it's wrong for people to be slapped down for daring to challenge these things. When a society becomes so corrupt that it doesn't care if votes are properly counted, it might as well be a dictatorship, because its people have put slave collars around their own necks.
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