Monday, August 21, 2006


From the sample thief

(Sample thief) The lie that will not die The lead story in this Sunday's New York Times describes the Bush administration's plans to crank up the pressure on Syria's government and, in that context, the Times twice references Syria's alleged guilt in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. In the second paragraph, reporters Helene Cooper and David E. Sanger cite "Syrian officials implicated in Mr. Hariri's killing" and later mention U.S. actions taken "after Syrian officials were accused of involvement in Mr. Hariri's assassination." But an unsuspecting Times reader might not realize that, one, Syria has denied these allegations and, two, that many of the claims in a preliminary United Nations report have since collapsed.... ... “Given the many different positions occupied by Mr. Hariri, and his wide range of public and private-sector activities, the [U.N.] commission was investigating a number of different motives, including political motivations, personal vendettas, financial circumstances and extremist ideologies, or any combination of those motivations,” British Labour is about to get it's butt dropkicked into France. It seems the Iraq war is not popular there. But jiminy, the Tories were just as eager as Labour. Via SenderodelPeje, you can see footage of Ahumada implicating the PAN in Swiftboating Lopez Obrador With 94.08% of the vote, PRDista gubernatorial candidate Sabines has 48.39% (517,037 votes) versus 48.17% (514,737) for PRI-AN-ista Aguilar Bodegas. Turnout was low at 45%. PRI will demand a selective recount. Sabines is inclined to go along saying that they want to resolve matters by consensus. What will he do if the selective recount does him out of a job? Shots were fired at Channel 9 in Oaxaca, occupied by protestors.
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