Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Get your bragging rights on the Lieberman smackdown right here

* Quinnipiac has it at Lamont 54: Lieberman 41 * Johnny Wendell of KTLK has called it Lamont 57.5, Lieberman 42 * I think Lieberman will manage to find one more bear trap to fall into: I'm gonna go for 60: 40. What's your prediction? ______________ 9:45 PM Eastern. Lieberman has narrowed the gap to 46.4 (Lamont 51.6), with 65% reporting. Nailbiting time. Maybe fingerbiting time. ______________ 11:20 PM Eastern. Lieberman becomes the former Democratic Senator from Connecticut. Courant calls it 51.8 48.2 Lamont, with 98% reporting. ________________ Fat lady is singing ... "Happy Days Are Here Again." _________________ Flash of Centrisity gets bragging rights, and lives to wear them because he didn't hold his breath waiting for Lieberman to be loyal to the party that gave him 18 years in the Senate and a chance to run for the vice presidency.
Hmmm. I think it will be a bit closer; 52 - 46 Lamont. I'm still hoping for Lieberman to take the high road post defeat, but I won't hold my breath.

GOTV, GOTV, GOTV! As Kos says, don't take anything for granted.
Thanks for the visit, Flash. These primaries can go either way. Lieberman could pull it out. It all depends on who shows up, as PW says.

I just think he's "snakebit," as Papantonio call it. The man can't seem to put on a tie without having his pants land around his ankles.
My smart friend says this is proof the fix is on. Joe's numbers look "close" whether they are or not, no exit polling talked about (was it even done?) and Joe-Mentum is going to run independent. No media follow up on his BS "Lamont hacked me!" whine. He can skew the stolen numbers enough to give the state to the Rethugs in the general election and wait for his plum appointment.

This is like a message to the Dems that whatever you do, we'll make sure it doesn't matter. It's like the Dems were Lebanese and the War Party is Israel and they just got a new shipment of bunker busters. I mean I'm happy that NL won but the pre-numbers were not close at all. Sen. Lautenberg asked Joe not to run indy if he lost in double digits. Joe wouldn't even commit to that.
While I agree with you that the Democratic Party regulars (like Lieberman) are acting as though voters don't matter, Lance, primary polls are not too reliable. I think you'll find that Lamont's internal polls saw it as a tossup that depended on who got to the polls. Chris Bowers called it 52:48 (Jerome called it, as I did, 60:40). And just 18 months ago, the former Democratic Senator from Connecticut had 72% approval ratings among Dems.

Now, Mexico, that was stolen.
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