Thursday, August 24, 2006


The GOP Photo-Op In Groton Today

As Jane Hamsher and others have reported, Joe Lieberman took part in a Republican photo-op today that benefitted two GOP congressional candidates. If the Groton photo-op is "just a non-partisan effort to save the sub base", as pro-Lieberman Kossacks like to say, then how is the following explained? 1) No mention of Democratic Senator Chris Dodd, State AG Richard Blumenthal, or any of the Democrats in Connecticut's Congressional delegation, so they must not have been invited when Lieberman, Rell and Simmons planned this shindig -- and Blumenthal in particular has close ties to the Groton submarine base. (Dodd allegedly was 'unable to attend', though what he was doing instead is unknown at this time. And no other member of Connecticut's Democratic Congressional delegation was present. Unless you count Lieberman.) 2) If the Groton base is allegedly in dire danger of being closed -- the supposed reason for this photo-op of Joe's -- then how come the Navy just started building a $600 million housing complex there last year?

Groton — The Navy and a contractor broke ground on a housing complex Wednesday that represents the first step in developing more than $600 million of new and renovated units in the Northeast that officials predicted will be popular with sailors. ... GMH will spend more than $600 million over the next six years in Navy communities stretching from Lakehurst, N.J., to Brunswick, Maine. In Groton, it will build 122 new three- and four-bedroom townhouses on the former Nautilus III North, replacing 124 three-bedroom units; 119 homes for senior enlisted people and officers in Dolphin Gardens; and 44 three- and four-bedroom townhouses on the former Cherry Circle mobile home park. All the projects are slated to be finished by next spring. In addition, 427 units in Nautilus Park, Conning Towers and Polaris Park will be renovated, with new kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as new lighting, flooring, paint and carpets.
In fact, even though Groton did get on the BRAC list for possible closing last year, it easily survived the BRAC vote by a 7-1 margin. Some "danger".

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