Tuesday, August 08, 2006


How Can David Horowitz Look At Himself In The Mirror Each Morning?

Did the man have his conscience surgically removed, or what? It's one thing to be a known serial liar of long standing. But for Horowitz to leap to the defense of Mel Gibson -- after everything we know and have had reconfirmed about Gibson, his anti-Semitism, and his family -- is unbelieveable. I can just see Horowitz as a Kapo in one of the Nazi death camps. Frankly, that's actually insulting to the Kapos, because they did what they did to stay alive. Horowitz merely sold himself out for an easy, lazy paycheck from various right-wing sugar daddies.

Ah, Phoenix Woman. You are wrong. David Horowitz is a vampire and has no reflection. All he can see when he looks in the mirror is Greenglass.
It's ironic to see Horowitz declare Carter an enemy of Israel.

Prior to Carter, the US had always kept distance between it and Israel. The Camp David peace accords began a system of US subsidy of Israel (and of an Egyptian government willing to repress its people). Can anyone imagine Israel's situation now if Egyot were not pacified? Or if it were not receiving billions in US weaponry?

One can debate whether Mel Gibson is fundamentally anti-Semitic or fundamentally mentally ill. But Carter as an anti-Semite? Nu-uh.
I guess we just don't understand the anti-Semitic implications of supporting policies that result in more Israelis living to a ripe old age and dying of natural causes.

You must have to be a full fledged member of the punditocracy to understand those.
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