Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm only surprised she wasn't done up as Rochester.

Read the latest Kool Kid script on Cynthia McKinney, thanks to that fearless fount of investigative journalism, Salon. I have my own problems with McKinney, but they pale in comparison with my problems with the jackasses crowing about her defeat. My comment: Impressively lame This article is an impressively lame re-hash of the basic Kool Kid script on McKinney. While she has plenty of flaws, she is one of the few people inside the Beltway to provide leadership on any issue. The rest of them are still trying to explain how they blundered into bottomless debt, endless war, and granting George Bush imperial powers. But when the dollar drops by half and the American Army mutinies and Iran annexes Iraq, they'll still have Cynthia to sneer at. One more reason not to subscribe to Salon.
This reminds me of what happened here in Texas on how now-Rep Sheila Jackson Lee defeated incumbent Rep Craig Washington, who was an ultra liberal.

Washington stood up to the Enron empire and that is what killed him. Lay knew that no Repub would win in Washington's district, so he had to be find a Democrat who was willing to challenge him, so they convinced then Councilwoman Jackson Lee to run. He then helped fund her campaign.
That's interesting, XP. I have had several occasions to lambaste Rep. Lee. Once for enthusiastically hugging Dubya right after he stole his first election (I told her she looked like a little puppy dog).

Second when she took nigh onto forever to get to Camp Crawford. I reminded her that Cindy Sheehan was being forced to stay in the ditches the same as civil rights marchers and that she owed it to put her body between Sheehan and any police violence.

She's trying to fill Barbara Jordan's shoes and I keep getting the sense they're three sizes too large.
She will do the rights things once in a while, like being one of the few who challenged the 2004 election, but I think the powers that be keep her in her place, reminding her how she got there.

As for the hugging bit, Kenny boy made sure all those African Americans who he had in his pocket here in Houston support and vote for Dudya. Why do you think Dudya appointed Ron Paige as Secretary of Ed.

That is why I got out of the political scene, too many DINOs and sleeper DINOs here in Texas.

Washington was a true liberal and a protégé of Mickey Leland.
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