Thursday, August 31, 2006


Keith Ellison: The (Utterly Demented) Passion Of The Republicans (And Certain Democrats)

Britt Robson over at City Pages has a very good article on Keith Ellison, the man who is going to be the first practicing Muslim to be elected to Congress, and the bizarre hatred he elicits from the well-funded Republican blogger and dead-tree media community. Read Robson's piece, then surf over to my most recent post on Ellison to see a few tidbits that Robson didn't mention -- such as the fact that Ellison's most publicly prominent Jewish attacker just happens to be a big donor to local Republicans. UPDATE: Well, now we know which of the Democrats running against Ellison in the primary was the one shoveling garbage into the eager maws of the local Republican noise machine. Take a bow, Paul Ostrow! Yeah, I know: His campaign manager, Jason Amundsen, is the guy who was actually feeding GOP blogger operative Michael "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" Brodkorb that scurrilous crapola. But does anyone doubt that Amundsen didn't do this without getting Ostrow's approval first? At a minimum, Ostrow needs to fire Amundsen and apologize to Ellison. As does Brodkorb, but we know that won't happen.

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