Thursday, August 10, 2006


Lamont and Lieberman Primary Supporters: The Breakdown

Strategic Telemetry's analysis (PDF) has the following:

Although Ned Lamont’s 52% to 48% win in last night’s Connecticut U.S. Senate primary was closer than some recent polls had suggested, his victory was widespread. Lamont carried seven of Connecticut’s eight counties, and 125 of the 169 municipalities. Lamont carried both of Connecticut’s media markets, doing slightly better in the New York market, where he got 52.5% of the vote, than he did in the Hartford / New Haven market, where he got 51.6%. There has been a great deal of interest in the differing demographics of Lamont and Lieberman voters. Using the unofficial results by municipality, Strategic Telemetry performed an analysis looking for correlations between the percent support for Lamont or Lieberman, and several hundred demographic characteristics of each community. [...] Following are some of the characteristics that correlate with support for Lamont: • Rural areas • Areas with a high median household income • Areas with a high housing value • Areas with a higher percentage of voters with college degrees or graduate degrees • Areas with a high percentage of owner-occupied housing • Areas with a high percentage of married couples • Areas with a high percentage of children in private schools • Areas with low turnover in housing • Areas with high percentage in white-collar occupations • Areas where many voters have long commute times • Areas with high concentrations of veterans Characteristics that correlated with support for Lieberman were: • Urban areas • Areas with high numbers of single women • Areas with high numbers of unmarried partners, including same-sex partners • Areas with a high percentage of renter-occupied housing • Areas with a high property tax burden • Areas with a high percentage of voters working in blue-collar occupations • Areas with a high percentage of voters working in service sector occupations • Areas with a high concentration of people receiving social security • Areas with high concentrations of individuals currently serving in the armed forces
In other words, if it wasn't for Lieberman's locking up the backing of most of the big unions early in the primary, back when Lamont had just started his challenge and was still polling well below twenty percent, the race wouldn't have even been close. It would have been Lamont's going away.

Joe will win as an independent.

Sadly there is no room for a free thinker in the DEM Party. Dems are a sad lot. How dare he not bow to the anti-war left.

All this glee(with a win by a few points) will turn into frowns very soon.
Thanks for giving us the Republican viewpoint, Annie. Did you think that up yourself, or did Uncle Rush pre-digest it for you? Your definition of "Freethinker" is apparently "Self-Serving Bush Sycophant".
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