Monday, August 14, 2006


Making Hay Out Of Failure

During World War II, Winston Churchill sent a delegation of British intelligence professionals, including Ian Fleming (who would later turn his hand to writing spy novels), to visit the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover and to see if they could trust him to hold up his end of the deal in a transatlantic anti-Nazi intelligence network. They found him wanting and ended up going behind his back to work out a relationship with William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan, who they assisted in his running of the OSS. Fast-forward six decades. Just as J. Edgar Hoover was in the habit of driving the UK's intel community nuts by making photo-op arrests of German spies the second they were uncovered on American soil, as opposed to listening into their transmissions and feeding them bogus information (a technique Fleming details in his James Bond short story "The Property of a Lady"), we now find out that Bush and his people have forced the British -- over the strong objections of the UK's intel community -- to spring the liquid-bomber trap far too early, thus allowing over half of the terrorists to escape. Oh, and guess what: As the news of the arrest of the would-be bombers spread, Bush was still trying to cut $6 million from the funding of American bomb-detection efforts. Because of course saving rich people from having to pay taxes is far more important than saving lives. And of course, the Bush junta and their media allies are treating this disaster as a feather in Bush's cap. Just as they did with 9/11.

If it weren't for failure, they wouldn't have accomplished a thing.
I have this thought of the USA being at war, and its intelligence agencies successfully controlling every enemy agent sent to the country, knowing exactly what information was going to the enemy, misinforming them to create whole armies ready to launch invasions, and I just can't imagine it happening today without keeping the politicians in the dark.

I've not got much regard for Tony Blair, the smarmy boot-licking git, but I don't think he's quite that bad. Perhaps all that makes the difference is that he's scared of what our Queen would say, the fawning puppydog that he is.
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