Saturday, August 19, 2006


Mexican Mafia sings, media remains rectocranially deaf

Would you buy a used president from this man? Image of Procurator General Rafael Macedo de la Concha from La Jornada Journalist Carmen Aristegui released an interview demonstrating that the effort to block Obrador from the presidency involved President Vicente Fox, which was criminal under Mexican law. Entrepreneur Carlos Ahumada Kurtz said that the campaign to block Lopez Obrador was headed by ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Government Secretary Santiago Creel, the national Procurator General Rafael Macedo de la Concha, and Senator Diego Fernández de Cevallos. "And it would be difficult for President Fox not to know." This high-minded civic effort involved 30 million dollars, the purchase of land in Leon, Guanajuato, and personal protection and was exposed because Cevallos welshed on his part of the deal. In exchange, films supposedly compromising people near to Lopez Obrador would be fed to the media. This was, in fact, how Lopez Obrador's seemingly insurmountable lead was erased. The transcript is here And most of the media refuses to cover any of this. Jaime Aviles says that a coup against democratic government appears to be underway. He says that the film is actually a diversion from the exposure of fraud. He says that the political figures involved, with the exception of Creel Miranda, are political corpses. Creel Miranda is a political enemy of Calderon. My reaction: well, yeah, but it shows PAN cooking a conspiracy, it shows the most corrupt figures of the PRI in bed with PAN, and La Jornada editorialized thatthe interview showed the advanced state of corruption of the political classes. In Oaxaca, 80,000 strikers brought things to a halt. A professor, Benito Castro Juárez, was shot by three presumed police agents, who fled in a Pointer auto, license plates Pointer, license plates DF 331-TUK, later found parked in fromt of the San Agustín Etla Police Academy. The Procurator General says they were just robbers. A teacher, Antonio Marcos Ramos Sarmiento was stabbed by an unknown assailant. In Chihuahua, there have been executions at the rate of one per day this week. Victims include a journalist, Enrique Perea and the top commander of the State Agency of Investigations, Arturo Nazar Contreras. This on top of the ongoing murders of women and the failure of the government to provide disaster relief. The VW plant in Puebla is on strike over salary issues. The plant, with about 10,000 workers, produced 1,538 vehicles a day. In Chiapas, PAN and PRI want the army to supervise elections. ___________________________________________________ Update: Via The Unapologetic Mexican, you can read about the Ahumada story in English as well as The Mex Files's translation of La Jornada's editorial.
I guess America is not the only place doing its best to prove that Democracy doesn't work so well.
To paraphrase Winston Churchill, NZ, democracy is the worst possible system except for the alternatives.

I wish Mexico would give it a try. I wish Americans would give that try some support.
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