Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Mexico Rising

The extraordinary interest in the Lebanese war is making it difficult to monitor many interesting stories, including Mexico. PAN won an early heat, when the regional elections court refused to recount a senatorial election in Sonora. They did disqualify five precincts, but refused to annul the election. In District 2 of Nayarit, they left intact a victory of the PRD challenged by the Mexico Alliance, but they disqualified two precincts. Narconews says that a TV station has been taken over by locals. Mexican stock market, basically flat. In the US markets, the sentiments index is steadily tanking, meaning that options traders believe stocks are headed down. In yet another demonstration of how right-wingers respect democracy and open debate, the website has been, as they say, "haqueado." Nothing is left except one trashtalk post. Isn't conservatism such an attractive philosophy?
I'm glad you're monitoring this for us, Charles (and that you know Spanish)!
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