Monday, August 28, 2006


Mexico: worst possible outcome

The electoral court has dismissed all of the complaints filed in the recent election. Considering that some of those involved precincts where ballots were completely missing, precincts with massive miscounts, and a shift of roughly 0.25% of the vote just from the recount, I don't see how the PRD can view it as anything except a corrupt decision. The court will annul a few precincts, but it is chopping down a couple of trees while pretending there's no forest. I thought they would at least scold the PAN, to give some appearance of impartiality. The sorrow I feel for Mexico is difficult to express. "Too far from God and too close to the United States" is right.
I kind of feel lost. I feel the same way I did in 2000 and 2004. Every single effort went into that election and then for them to come out and say, oops you lose, sucka.
I think that's part of the plan, XP.

Increasingly, elections are rigged so clumsily that anyone can see it if they only let themselves see.

Almost no one does.

The clumsiness seems to be just one more means to pour out contempt on people, to make them feel helpless. "If we thought you posed a threat," they smirk, "we'd take pains. But you people are total, helpless losers, so we can take this crap and rub it in your face... like this."

I am a pragmatist. I believe that reasonable concentrations of wealth and power are necessary and desirable. I think most utopian movements would be unable to feed the people they say they care about. But when wealth and power become too concentrated, leaders stop being careful. They become wasteful and cruel. At some point, their screwups become intolerable, even to their own Praetorian Guard.

And then we roll the dice again.

Mexico is, in my opinion, near the point where, in John F. Kennedy's phrase, revolution becomes inevitable. The US is still way too comfortable to endure the sorts of hardships that the PRD has done (much less the APPO). Heck, how many Americans are even aware that something is wrong in Mexico? But a breakdown in American society could come, too, especially if Mexico ceases to be willing to provide us cheap labor and cheap oil.
It's sad to watch in action what began a long time ago in the US; a class of people begins to sip at the teat of luxury, wants more, and to get there must marginalize a large segment of the population, shove them further and further underfoot. Let's just hope they raise some hell over this last travesty. It's probably easier to stomp the snake the second he slides under your door, rather than wait for him to settle into the shadows of your home.
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