Sunday, August 27, 2006


Mumbles and stammers from the vicars of Christ in Mexico; plus some humor

Thirty nine Presbyterians and priests of about 20 parishes religious leaders have called on the governor of Oaxaca to step down. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church as a whole remains comfortably ensconced with the campaign of police terror and murder chronicled on Mercury Rising. Caption: "Loooooser!" Cartoon by Hernandez in La Jornada PANista blogs are active in trashing the PRD. And they're no more inventive than our 'wingers: they label PRDists as "Indians" (the Mexican equivalent of the N-word) or "sheep. There are attacks on single mothers, a rarity in Mexico. One is portrayed as saying "Support Lopez Obrador because he promised me a real good husband." There's an obscene twist on Lopez Obrador's name, generically equivalent to calling him the "Kingf--k" instead of the "Kingfish." And then there's the Visit to Obrador-land (the sit-in occupying downtown Mexico), where they advertise the healthy outdoor living including a spa (the torrential rains). If it sounds lame, I am sure it barely conveys the half of it. The elections court, meanwhile, has been energetically avoiding the issue of whether the election was hopelessly corrupted, having chosen to focus first on determing how many fraudulent precincts they can successfully ignore. This strongly suggests that they are going to punt on the pre-election illegalities. A slide show showing, among other scenes, people who walked 1,700 miles from Tijuana to the capital to join the protests. Via La Jornada: according to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, the US embassy in Venezuela attempted to use the diplomatic pouch to smuggle into the country over 170 pounds of uninspected chicken, clothes, furniture, and toys intended for someone outside the embassy. Diplomatic protests by the US on the violation of the sanctity of diplomatic communications were met with snickers from the Venezuelan government. Update: Here's an English language version, which adds the following worrying point:
According to [Venezuelan Minister of Justice and the Interior] Chacón, however, while shipping documents indicated that the military shipment [made prior to the arms embargo imposed by the US] included ejection seat propulsion motors for Bronco airplanes that had been ordered by Venezuela’s military, there was also other material that it did not order, such as detonators, pliers, rocket motors, and other items. “What is this material coming for? This has us worried,” said Chacón. Also, none of this material has so far been received by Venezuela’s military.

Oh my God!!!!! People are calling Lopez Obrador a Kingf*k.

Someone call the police, the military, tell Hizbolah to throw some katiuschas at them!!!

Because, of course, the fact that you and every perredista in sight call PAN's candidate "Fecal" is quite nice, polite and civil.

I have one Spanish word for you to learn: "Hipocrita"
"FeCal" (and "fecal") can be uttered on US broadcast TV and printed in every American daily newspaper. "F**k" cannot.

But of course fascists like yourself know that since the truth is not on your side, you must lie in order to win.
I think I lost you here

What does US media censorhip has to do with Charles and the perredistas insulting Mexico's President elect by implying he is fecal matter and then complaining that we insult the madman they voted for?

In any event, "kingf*ck" is not the actual word we use to describe that champion of the ignorant, that messiah of the unread.

"Kingf*ck" seems to be Charles pathetic attempt to convey "pejendejo" in English. Not a good translation, by the way, because "pendejo" is nowhere as strong a word as "f*ck". (In fact, an while we are at it: even if the word "indio" can be used in a derogatory manner, which I find reprievable, it is definitely not the Spanish equivalent of the "n-word". For one, it carries no slavery implications).

But you seem to be full of assertions yourself. And you seem to know a lot about me. Perhaps you are omniscient; perhaps you are omnipresent (of course, it is also possible that you are just full of it).

Would you please care to tell me ONE thing I have written that might a reasonable person to believe I have any fascist affiliations?

Plus, would you please tell care to tell me how is "Truth not on my side" and which lies I have written?

Please, enlighten me.
I await your wisdom eagerly.

P.S. By the way, are your lousy manners the result of your being angry at AMLO's defeat or are you just plain rude?
Can't I be both angry and rude, Anonymous?

Now, look: if I can answer your clearly angry and rude post with gentle humor, as I just have, can't you step away from your emotions long enough to hear me?

All the PANistas that I have come into contact with seem to be so fearful-- none of them are willing to post using Blogger IDs--that they have to rant and rage. They think that makes them look tough. It makes them look scared.

As for the meaning of the word in question, let me suggest that you walk into a working class bar, push the first guy you meet in the chest, and call him a "pendejo."

What you missed is that there was an American politician, Huey Long, on whom Lopez Obrador has modeled himself. Governor Long's nickname was The Kingfish. So, the closest one can come to conveying to an English-language audience what "Pejendejo" means is "Kingf--k." It is certainly not an exact translation.

And I'm happy to say that it's juvenile for me to call Calderon "FeCal." It just seems to fit, and it pleases my inner child to do so. But if I can admit this is juvenile, why not come out front and say that the invective being poured out by PAN is not just juvenile; it's hateful.

For example:

"Pinche indio" is identical in tone to the American slur "nigger." Native Americans were in fact raped and enslaved by the conquistadores and did not enjoy any appreciable rights until Lazaro Cardenas started enforcing the Mexican Constitution. For people to be using it in this day and age is reprehensible.

This is not just a slur against an individual, which might be funny in a juvenile way. It is an identification with genocide. It is ugly.
Oh, I use no blogger ID because I am no blogger. (I have better things to do with my time).

First, the fact that you identify AMLO with Huey Long does not mean he is modelling himself after his figure. In fact, he always mentions Zapata and Juarez (sometimes even Gandhi and MLK) but he has never ever spoken of Long.

It is contradictory, of course, because Juarez would have had Zapata shot ina heartbeat, and Gandhi had no problems with appartheid racism when he was a lawyer in South Africa. Had he met MLK he would have handed him his bag and said "quickly boy, take me to the Savoy!"

But why let mere facts get in the way of old fashioned name-dropping?

Anyway, back on topic:

Calling Calderon Fecal is not inventive nor playful. It is an insult to the man who is to become Mexico's next President.

It is an insult to the 15+ million Mexicans who voted for him.

Calling Peje a pejendejo is funny. It is an insult? Yes...

Of the same kind, only not quite as offensive.

I can enter a bar and call someone "penejo" in a playful manner and get away with it. Why? Because that's the way it is in Mexico.

Of course, if I called him "fecal", he would then kick my butt (or at least try to, I am a pretty big fellow myself).

Oh, and you should really get your facts straight... Mexican indians were NOT enslaved,

Calling someone "indio" is not nice at all (in fact, I never do it myself) but it's no identification with genocide. You are looking too far into things with your PC lenses.

It is something Mexicans say (however unappropiate it might be) even indians use that with each other: "no seas indio" they call each other.

In fact, it is more likely to hear someone with dark skin call us "pinche güero" than it is for us to call them that.
Evidently, you're unaware of Bartolome de las Casas or the atifundios:

También sirvieron para facilitar la circulación de productos entre distintas regiones de México, y como medio de control político y militar. El correo y los telégrafos se extendieron por buena parte del territorio nacional. Se fundaron algunos bancos, se organizaron las finanzas del gobierno, se regularizó el cobro de impuestos, y poco a poco se fueron pagando las deudas.
La agricultura progresó espectacularmente en Yucatán, en Morelos y en La Laguna, se cultivó un sólo producto: henequén, caña de azúcar y algodón.

México tuvo un crecimiento económico nunca antes visto. Pero como poca gente tenía dinero para invertir o podía conseguirlo prestado, el desarrollo favoreció a unos cuantos mexicanos y extranjeros. Con esto, la desigualdad entre los muy ricos, que eran muy pocos, y los muy pobres, que eran muchísimos, se fue haciendo cada vez más profunda.

Se agudizó la tendencia a acumular terrenos en manos de unos pocos propietarios; es decir, a la formación de latifundios.

Los indígenas perdieron muchas tierras, y la mayor parte de los habitantes del campo tuvieron que ocuparse como peones en las haciendas. Allí había trabajo, pero estaban mal pagados, tenían poca libertad y se veían obligados a gastar el poco dinero que ganaban en las tiendas de raya, que eran de los propios patrones y que vendían todo más caro.

No, I am completely aware of Bartolomé de las Casas, which is how I know that slavery was outlawed in Mexico centuries before it was considered in the US.

The latifundios were a nasty thing, but they were not de facto slavery.

You seem very happy to edit and even distort history to prove your points... hardly the work of someone who loves light and truth.
Dear "Mexicano": How can we miss you if you won't go away? You went and did two novel-length invective-filled posts after you did your oh-so-grand farewell. You are addicted to us, aren't you?

But then again, as I've said before, the more time you post here, the less time you have to do things like build bombs. So carry on!
Mexicano says, "which is how I know that slavery was outlawed in Mexico centuries before it was considered in the US."

Which means that you know that your statement that the Indians were not enslaved was false.

Or at least you know now that you've been told.

Mexicano says, "The latifundios were a nasty thing, but they were not de facto slavery."

The latifundios were slavery in everything except name. When people own nothing, are forced to obey the orders of a person, and are not even, in a practical sense, free to leave, they are slaves.

I'm glad we could teach you a bit of history.
Since you seem to be very slow in the intake, I will explain things to you with a lot of patience, Charles.

I say slavery was outlawed in Mexico because the Spaniards brought blacks from Africa (since the Chruch strictly forbade them from enslaving indians).

There were attempts by a few conquistadores to enslave the indians, but most were prevented by the Authorities and, unlike in the USA, it was the official policy of both the New Spain Government to protect Indians from such abuses... Independent Mexico had the same policy.

Unlike Jefferson, Washington and the others, Hidalgo, Iturbide and Morelos never owned slaves.

Indians were not forced to ride the back of the bus until the 1960's and they could attent college since the 17th Century.

We had an indian as a President in the XIX Century, for crying out loud. When have you had a black president?Oh, yes... never.

So you can't compare "indio" with the n-word. As simple as that.

You can go to any liquor-store and buy "Indio" beer and no one takes offense. I wonder where can I go buy the "n-word" beer?

Remember, for all the faults of the conquistadores and the excesses of the Porfirio Diaz times, we Mexicans have not even a fragment of the dead bodies in the closet you Americans have.

We do not share your "PC" obsession because we do not have such a guilty past as yours.

Our biggest crime towards indians has been ignoring them and that has to stop. That much is true.

But the lynching, the cross-burning, the maiming and the like we leave to you, the ever-peaceful Americans. You are the uncontested champions of brutality.

As for the latifundios... it is slightly more complex than you believe.

For one, the link you provided has the official and watered-down version of history as taught to elementary school kids in México.

Is that the extent of your research and Spanish speaking skills? Links to elementary school texts?

And do you trust the official version of history?

I know I don't.

If you want to impress me with your vaaaaaast knowledge of Mexican History, you'd better come up with something by the likes of Edmundo O'Gorman or Reyes Heroles, not elementary school texts.

Anyway, the nasty word for latifundios is "peon", not "indian".

There were many peones who were not indian, so it is not the same.

Honestly, you have to get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously by someone other than a few lilly-livered white boys from california who pretend to be liberal to feel less guilty about wearing sneakers that cost less than $100 just because some poor kid in Siam manufactured it in a sweatshop that forces him to work 12 hours for a few cents.
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