Sunday, August 27, 2006


Murder, Inc.

Nancy Davies of Narconews reports that the site OaxacaEnPaz, with the collusion of the government, is posting the pictures and addresses of striking teachers for the purpose of soliciting their murder. What is going on on Oaxaca could not be happening unless the Bush Administration had approved it. Update: Mexican government attempts to claim terrorist ties to Oaxaca violence. An Undersecretary of Goverment, Lauro López, has said that the military wing of the Partido Democratico Popular Revolucionario, the Ejercito Popular Revolucionario may be active in Oaxaca. The Attorney General's office denies this. Doubtless Bushco would regard the EPR as terrorist, since they have attacked Mexican government facilities, killing 17. But it makes no sense. The people getting kidnapped and killed in Oaxaca are teachers and their supporters, not members of the police and military. El Universal is blaming the robbery of a store by masked men of 80 telephones, a DVD copier, and videogames on the citizens's movement occupying Oaxaca. But from what is said, the assailants could just as easily have been police or mercenaries. But the claim of the involvement of a terrorist group would allow the US to send in Special Forces. Not that anything would stop Bush if he wanted to. Additional comment: JP Morgan has the risk level of Mexico at 108, just 13 points above its historic low of 95, and down 3 points from last week. By contrast, Brazil is at 229. Either JPM is dreaming, or I am.
First, its odd that it takes two clicks to reach this page. You click on "comments" on the main page, and you get the permalink to the entry. Then you have to click again to get to the comment page. Why? It ought to bring up the comment page (which actually can be made to be a pop up like haloscan in the Blogger backend settings so you can just comment, and never leave main page). Less clicking, perhaps more comments. Anyway, forgive my rambling on that. I'm a web designer amongst other such deviant activities, so I think too much 'bout these things!

This whole thing in Oaxaca really f-'in saddens and angers me. Beyond words. Sickening.
Hey, I understand, Nezua. It irritates me, too. (The Blogger design, that is. The situation in Mexico frightens me.) In addition, Blogger sidebar code renders just fine in Firefox, but is messed up in MSIE. Irritating.
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