Sunday, August 27, 2006


New penalty for crossing Bushco: banishment

I'm so glad Avedon is on the case. I'd miss so much if it weren't for The Sideshow From Demian Bulwa of The San Francisco Chronicle, we learn that two US citizens from Lodi, California, a father and son, were barred from re-entering the country when they refused to agree to be interrogated by the FBI abroad without the presence of a lawyer or to take a lie detector test. The nephew of one of the father was a cherry packer convicted of terrorism not for any overt act but for having attended a training camp in Pakistan. So, basically, if you're related to someone who commits a crime, you're guilty, and if you refuse to be interrogated under conditions that are illegal in this country, you can be banished. This could pose a problem for George Bush traveling abroad, since his sister-in-law is a known smuggler, which would make him a smuggler, too, and since smugglers could be bringing in weapons of mass destruction, he is a self-evident risk to the security of the nation.
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