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News from the front

Excerpts from a post on El Machete Click and read in full pelón Says: August 7th, 2006 at 4:14 am Observations and questions. I’m a gringo living just three blocks from the blockade. Saturday night I took a walk through the tent city and found hundreds of people dancing to banda, cumbia and mariachi music in the cold rain. To my surprise the street vendors have not filled every unused space but there are enough tamales and elote to keep people fed. I was astounded by the level of organization. ... The people are not taking time off from their daily routine to voice their opinion, they are incorporating the protest into normal life. Those that have a job go to work every day and return to the tents in the evening.... If Calderon is “appointed” president I can imagine six years of “occupation” in the Zocalo as well as along Reforma. (Emphasis added)
I was couldn't help wonder, if there is another reason why we have troops of the border.. Remember, it was rumored there would be about 500 National Guard troops, but now we have about 2,000. I know it sounds tin foilish, but if you look at the situation geopolitically, it makes sense, a pre-preemptive take over, some thing similar to Haiti.

And with the Castro situation, there is no way the Bush Junta is willing to give up Mexico now.
Two thousand soldiers is symbolic, XP. It's one per kilometer. And Bushco has cut back on Border Patrol.

Bushco ought to be scared about what is happening in Mexico. Mexico is a major oil supplier as well as a major trading partner. But they don't have anywhere near the hard power to influence events without pulling out from Iraq. They can assassinate, but they can't stop the avalanche. And they haven't got a clue how to negotiate or think their way through this.

People assume they must know what they're doing. That's not a good assumption. They are losers who keep doubling up.
That is true. If there was an assassination, that would bring chaos to both Mexico and US, considering that the Mexicans just recently found out about their own little "dirty war."

Not only that, it would allow Chavez to say, I told you so when it comes to assassination threats.
I don't think even most Mexicans realize how deeply involved the US was in the dirty war, XP. The National Security Archive has provided trememdous leadership in getting out the documents, but it's pretty clear that plenty of fruit remians in the tree.
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