Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Not a Happy Anniversary

One year after Hurricane Katrina caused the devastating floods in New Orleans, the city still desperately needs help to recover. It won't get that help from Bush's government, that's for sure. So give what you can. Charles provided a list below of organizations that are supporting the rebuilding:

Katrina Action Common Ground, for which donations can be sent through: Community Futures Collective 221 Idora Ave Vallejo,CA 94591 People's Hurricane Fund 1418 N. Claiborne Ave. New Orleans LA 70116 ACORN ACORN Institute - Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund 1024 Elysian Fiekds Avenue New Orleans, LA 70117
To which I add Mercy Corps. By the way, whatever did happen to FEMA's "prepositioned assets"?
As the Category 4 the storm surged ashore just east of New Orleans on Monday, FEMA had medical teams, rescue squads and groups prepared to supply food and water poised in a semicircle around the city, its director, Michael Brown, said. Speaking from Baton Rouge, just upriver from New Orleans, Brown told NBC's Today show that his agency had "planned for this kind of disaster for many years because we've always known about New Orleans' situation."
After the hurricane passed through, we never heard about these supplies again. They certainly weren't brought into New Orleans, nor did we hear anything about them being diverted to other parts of the Gulf Coast. More to the point, why didn't the news media ever follow up on this story to ask what happened to these taxpayer-funded resources?
If your memory were limited to 24 hours, like the journalists, you wouldn't have these problems in adapting to society, MEC. You're not supposed to remember the supplies.
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