Monday, August 07, 2006


Predictions I Feel Confident In Making

1) More national GOP/Media Complex time will be spent this week on discussing Lieberman-Lamont (especially in warning what a tragedy it would be if someone were elected whose views on the Iraq war actually mirrored those of the American public) than on noting that Bob Ney has, like Duke Cunningham before him, decided not to run for re-election in the face of corruption scandals after months of protesting his innocence and insisting he'd run again. (Remember, the GOP/Media is under order to pay more attention to propping up Lieberman, Bush's favorite Democrat, than to the tight ties between Ney, DeLay and Abramoff -- or that Abramoff was the president of the College Republicans during much of the 1980s and made them what they are today.) 2) No national network TV news show will mention anything bad about Ney's replacement, Joy Padgett, even though she probably has a better chance of becoming a congressmember than Ned Lamont does of becoming a Senator (especially if Lieberman runs as a spoiler and throws that Senate seat to the Republicans) and thus would under normal, non-GOP-favoring rules, be considered worthy of scrutiny. We have the power to stop the Ney-approved, Taft-anointed Padgett from ascending to Ney's seat. Go check out Zack Space and throw him a few shekels.

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