Sunday, August 20, 2006


The Primacy Of Politics

Atrios' post on these fine people reminded me of an interesting argument I've seen advanced recently concerning electoral politics. Simply put, it asks why someone who is as interested as are Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in maximum results for expenditures -- more "bang for the buck", if you will -- would put $32 billion into a charity rather than a political party. $1 billion given to the Democratic National Committee would suffice to get enough legislators elected to provide veto-proof majorities for legislation that would meet all of the Gates-Buffett's charity's claimed goals. Think about what Howard Dean could do with one billion dollars at his disposal. He's already done a lot with a lot less.

Or an objective and hard-hitting media empire. Preferably objective rather than liberal, but we desperately need a mass-media alternative to the right-wing noise machine.
Exactly. $32 billion is more than enough to start a nationwide media empire.
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