Thursday, August 31, 2006


Still More of Life's Little Ironies

Yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld compared critics of George W. Bush's leadership to the people who appeased the Nazis. Today, George W. Bush has described his War on Terror as the successor to the war against the Nazis. The irony is that the Bush family's wealth and political influence are founded in Prescott Bush's business dealings with the Nazi government. Will some enterprising reporter ask Tony Snow whether, since George Bush deplores appeasing fascist regimes, he regrets his own family's support of Hitler's government? [Edited to add] I just remembered another reason it's ironic Rumsfeld is calling other people "appeasers".

I'd love to see Tony Snow's face if that were ever to happen. Of course, if Snow was at all prepared, he could counter with some nonsense about Averill Harriman's alleged Nazi ties, but that would actually require Snow to have independent thought.
Norman Finkelstein made an excellent point on Democracy Now. People who liken tin pot dictators like Saddam or Kim Jong Il to Hitler trivialize the Holocaust. He said these people are, in effect, Holocaust deniers, because they pretend that the Holocaust was so much smaller than it really was.
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