Friday, August 04, 2006


Useful Idiot of the Day: Tom Hamburger of the Los Angeles Times

(from memory) Franken: Republicans run dirtier campaigns. Hamburger: Republicans see their tactics as simply a development from Dick Tuck. Franken: It's telling that you had to go back 40 years to find an example. ... Franken: Jack Abramoff is a criminal Hamburger: Jack Abramoff has been indicted and convicted. Franken: In other words, he's a criminal. ... Franken: Where is Duke Cunningham? Hamburger: He's in prison. With journalists cowering before the Republicans this way, America cannot be said to have a free press.
I'm going to have to look for this write-up... not sure who you think is the republican in this piece, especially if Al Franken is the franken you mention, and if Hamburger is a journalist, he surely isn't republican... let me go looking...
Well can't find a link to the write up of their interview, but found a link to Hamburger's book, just the writeup though sounds like an attack on the republican party... so I guess I Miss your point entirely. So much for surfing blogs today, not enough time to be substantial I guess...
Truly you say that you have failed to say anything of substance, Fistandantulus.

The point is not which party Tom Hamburger belongs to. The point is that he is too afraid to say forthrightly that Jack Abramoff is a criminal. The point is that Republicans have beaten on the press until they have produced cowering sycophants. The point is that when the press is afraid, the nation is not free.

Is that clear enough for you? If not, please let me know, and I will say it slower.
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