Sunday, August 06, 2006


Viva Mexico

Lopez Obrador is speaking now (11AM Central) in the Zocalo. He gave a brief speech last night, which was restrained but steady on. (Via Sendero del Peje), you can listen to the speeches broadcast here or here, though you may have to guess your way through some additional clicks. Al Giordano's take was pretty much the same as mine, though he more effectively captures the sense that the court is risking a time crunch by pushing off the recount until Wednesday and limiting it to 11,000 precincts. If there's a shift in the vote, it will create pressure for a complete recount.
Thanks for the info.

Radio Bemba FM is having problems and they do let you know. You have to keep hitting the little pic of the radio on the left hand corner of the web site to hear it again.

As for Radio AMLO, you will need a Winamp to play it or if you use Firefox, you will have to download a plugin. It didn't work for me.
I really appreciate your efforts to keep tabs on the election in Mexico. It seems like the Main Stream Media has completely ignored this.
Thanks to both of you for letting me know that this information is of use. It's a lot of work, carved out of stray free moments, to follow the events in Mexico. But if it helps Americans understand the extraordinary bravery and dignity of those struggling to establish justice in Mexico, it's worth it.

Repression could not exist in Mexico without American complicity. The Mexican people have shown time and again their willingness to sacrifice for liberty and equality before the law.
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