Friday, August 25, 2006


We're No Angels

Government Secretary Carlos Abascal (left) and President Vicente Fox (right) under the PAN logo colors. Image by Jesús Villaseca from La Jornada. I am reminded of a certain infamous Time magazine cover involving Dubya, and somehow suspect this is a subtly failed knockoff, [added 8/26:]in which what were intended to be halos ended up looking like horns. [added, 8/26: Madrax in comments says that the image is of the Tourism Chamber of commerce.] Judges of the electoral court: "If we open all the ballot packets, it could produce a turnaround." ("volterete" means "somersault" or "trump.") Cartoon by Rochas of La Jornada The chairman of the Human Rights Commission says that the Attorney General's office is "the coverup and the pimp" for torture and extrajudicial killings. Mexico News, as usual, botches the story, but it's in English: The national ombudsman said Thursday that the federal Attorney General´s Office (PGR) engages in "torture and extrajudicial executions." José Luis Soberanes, who chairs the autonomous National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), also accused the PGR of resorting to threats and intimidation to obstruct his panel´s attempts to investigate alleged abuses by federal law-enforcement personnel. The CNDH held a news conference to highlight three cases involving purported torture or murder by PGR agents, allegations the panel said it probed despite a "lack of cooperation" from the PGR.PGR officials sought to prevent those cases from seeing the light, according to Soberanes aide Guillermo Ibarra, who noted that one of his office computers was stolen early this month. Um, the REASON that there was concern over the computer is that there were details of a torture case. So, like, maybe witnesses could be in danger? Maroon. _________________________________ And there are a bunch of new angels to report! Four on Daily Kos! El Cid Hugo Estrada Earthmissinglink ourobouros Please accept these wings with my compliments. [Added, 8/26: And, as thanks for Madrax's correction, 1,000 frequent flyer miles.]
With the intensity and depth that religious icons and imagery permeate the Mexican consciousness, there is no way that was accidental.

...Or else my time in the world of media and purposeful manipulation images has given me the cynical assumption that everything in these types of frames is manipulated intentionally.

Good call.
Just google images with the keywords "Bush" and "halo," NLX-Z. This is becoming stock propaganda, world leaders arranging to have themselves photographed with symbols of divinity.

That this is precisely what blasphemy is doubtless bothers them not a bit.

Just to clarify: They're not sitting in front of the PAN logo; the "halo" logo is that of the tourism chamber of commerce.

Also, I saw on another blog the same image, but their play on it wasn't halos, but rather horns.

PS. I post as ourobouros on DailyKos
Thanks for blogging on Mexico. To your wings, I've added 1,00 frequent flyer miles as thanks for your point that the logo is the Tourism Department. But the colors, the blanquiazul, are the immediately recognizable insignia of PAN.

As for whether these were intended to be horns or halos, here's the basic question to ask: in a carefully staged photo-op-- so carefully staged that both men's heads are inside the logo-- is it likely that they intended to create the effect of a halo, as with the infamous George Bush photos, or did they intend to create horns?

To me, it's obvious: whoever staged the photo opintended to create halos, but they botched it and created what look like horns.

People who wonder if there is a God should look at this and see His subtle and humorous hand.
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