Friday, August 18, 2006


Won't Get Fooled Again

The letters in today's Detroit Free Press could be a warning to the Republicans that running on "national security" might not work this time around.'s ironic that Debra Saunders and many of her fellow conservative commentators bemoan the fact that strict adherence to our Constitution's Bill of Rights makes this country less safe. It's the Bill of Rights that gives us those freedoms and liberties supposedly hated by Islamic terrorists. --- For the values that many Americans hold dear, the current strategies have not been successful to strengthen our security.... The Republican Party policymakers have not responded to the 9/11 Commission nor did the administration respond to Katrina. I want my country back. --- Here we are, five years after 9/11 and the current administration continues to fail on keeping us safe.... The Republicans' current political attacks are nothing less than shameful.... Should we all be afraid to express our views unless they match the current administration's views? That doesn't sound like democracy to me. --- ...I will be voting to take government out of the hands of the Republicans. Living abroad I have seen the negative effects of the Bush administration on the world's opinion of the United States.... The Bush administration has failed to keep us safe and is breeding more hatred toward the U.S. --- Why are people in other parts of the world willing to give up their lives to hurt us? I'm sure it is not 10,000 virgins that motivate them. More like 10,000 homes in ruins, and the perception that the future promises no better. It is long past time for a politics that begins with the intelligent naming of real problems that must be addressed in intelligent and compassionate ways. --- The Republicans are nothing but fear mongers and will keep us in this war as long as they can for their own purposes. They can't bring the troops home because they have to guard Halliburton. --- The terror threats that Republicans are attempting to create this past week is showing America that they are getting a little out of hand. It is interesting how whenever something does not go in their favor, they further this culture of fear that they have been building since 9/11. I encourage people not to buy into it. --- They want us to think we are safer than before 9/11. They want us to believe they have our safety as their No. 1 priority. What I want them to know is that we know their priorities: saving face, protecting their interests in oil rich countries, letting the rich get richer, widening the gap between Americans, outsourcing which hurts the average working men and women. We have had enough.

A-yep. David Broder's column on this is for once dead-on accurate.
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