Monday, August 07, 2006



Greg Palast has managed to convince me there's a problem in Mexico. The only precincts the TRIFE ordered re-counted are those where the tally sheets literally don't tally -- precincts in which the arithmetic is off. They refuse even to investigate those precincts where ballot boxes were found in city dumps. What have they managed to exclude from the tally? The TRIFE, the official electoral centurions, rejected AMLO's request to review those precincts that reported the miracle numbers [like more votes than voters or laughably low levels of turnout]. Nor would the tribunal open and count the nearly one million "null" votes -- allegedly "uncountable" votes which totaled four times Calderon's putative plurality. This will not sell. This will end very badly. Let's hope that the 9% of precincts to be recounted shift the tally enough that the court is forced to act.
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