Friday, September 22, 2006


Able Danger goes down for the third time

Readers of Mercury Rising will not be surprised by the following news: Shenon, NYT: The Defense Department's inspector general on Thursday dismissed claims by military officers and others who had insisted that a secret Pentagon program identified Mohamed Atta and other terrorists involved in the Sept. 11 attacks before the attacks occurred... The claim that a secret Pentagon data-mining program had known of Mr. Atta and other hijackers before Sept. 11 created a stir when the witnesses' accounts became public last year, because it suggested that the Defense Department had information that might have helped pre-empt the attacks had it been shared outside of the Pentagon. Granted, the IG's office was totally corrupted. But if Curt Weldon opposes the report, it must be right. (ht/t TO)
Ah, yes. Able Danger, the right-wing's most famous attempt to hang the blame for 9/11 on Bill Clinton. The fact that Curt Weldon, a known nutbar, backed it was a big red flag warning that this might be less than credible. And so it has proved to be.
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