Thursday, September 14, 2006


Buh-Bye, Bob!

Josh Marshall posted this way back in November of last year:

Today must have been a very bad day for a handful of members of Congress, numerous current and former Hill staffers and others as yet unnamed. That's because today Michael Scanlon, Jack Abramoff's partner in much of the Indian gambling-congressional cash-n-carry hijinks you've been hearing about, pled guilty to bribe a congressman and other public officials. He agreed to pay back $19 million to Indian tribes he and Abramoff defrauded. He was also sentenced to 51 to 63 months in federal prison. However, that sentence was immediately suspended. And it will be reduced if Scanlon continues to cooperate with federal prosecutors. The first thing to note is the political and legal fate of Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH). A few days ago a fellow blogger sent me a post in which he incorrectly stated that Ney was not running for reelection. I pointed out the error -- he'd confused him with retiring Ohio Rep. Mike Oxley (R). But I told him not to feel bad since he was right. Ney is retiring too; he just doesn't know it yet.
Well, guess who just copped a plea with the Feds? Bob Ney, that's who. He knew what was coming a month ago, which is why he suddenly announced last month that he was scrapping his re-election campaign.

It's just amazing how few Republicans post in these threads, about how they are repulsed by corruption in the GOP, or how they hate overspending the GOP, and so on.

They emit cries of shock at Democratic pseudoscandals and have no interest in cleaning up the pigpen called the Republican Party.
Oh, exactly, Charles. And with the Abramoff scandal, they and the GOP/Media Complex can't even successfully pretend any more that it's a "bi-partisan" scandal, being that no Democrats are in danger of being indicted, much less convicted.
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