Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Condi Lies. Sun Rises In East.

I note that Condi Rice apparently is not too sure of the US media's continued willingness to cover for her and her bosses nowadays. That's why she made sure that when she slandered Bill Clinton over his FOX News interview, she did so in the pages of the politicially-correct right-wing Murdoch tabloid, the New York Post.

She didn't slander Clinton, she exposed him for the liar that he is while being polite enough not to call him out on it. She's smarter than he is, she's tougher than he is, and she's quicker than he is, and if he's smart, he won't engage her.

Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. Condi teaches Rhodes Scholars. That's the difference.

However, he's a man, and his manhood has been called into question, so he'll say something stupid about Rice and Condi will just eviscerate him.

Which is what Rove intended all along.

Silly Democrats. Condi is the Secret Weapon.
Chris, did you read the Daily Kos post that Phoenix Woman linked? It itemizes the lies that Secretary Rice told, complete with documentation that shows Secretary Rice was lying and President Clinton was telling the truth.
Condi Lies all the time.
I'm watching the rerun of last night's Countdown, and Keith Olbermann is also making the point that everything Seretary Rice said was a lie. (The really amusing thing is that he got Howard Fineman to indirectly defend Clinton and criticize Bush.)
Condoleeza Rice's brilliance is the reason that we are winning in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

One can tell we are winning because there is more opium and more terrorist incidents.

Also, since you people don't know these things, up is down.

As for Clinton v. Rice, I say "Bring it on!"
Interestingly, Condi said they did too do stuff, but never gave any specifics. Clinton gave specifics to Wallace. If she's teaching Rhodes Scholars they're gonna need a tutor.
Chris, did you read the Daily Kos post that Phoenix Woman linked?

Of course Chris didn't. Why ruin his beautiful mind with the facts?

Question: If Condi's such a brilliant FoPo expert, with Soviet studies being her specialty, how come neither she nor anyone else in the Bush Junta has figured out the following two things:

1) Osama bin Laden wants to drive America to the brink of economic ruin and the end of our superpower status, just as the Soviet Union was brought down.

2) Bush's following the Grover Norquist Gospel on tax cuts for the rich is thus helping Osama bring America to its knees economically.
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