Monday, September 18, 2006


The Death Of The Alaskan Republican Party

While the GOP/Media Complex in the Lower Forty-Eight focuses on missing kids and JonBenet, a huge and important scandal is unfolding in Alaska:

The FBI served search warrants at homes, offices and businesses across the state three weeks ago, including the offices of Bill Allen and other Veco executives, as well as six state legislators. Ben Stevens, son of Ted Stevens had his office raided and 12 boxes of documents labeled as 'evidence' removed.

Those warrants are currently under seal. One was divulged and among other things, it focused on items that could prove ties between Veco and state legislation. Information about the investigation indicated that it is broad in scope and may tie into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of special interest earmarks being directed to Ben Stevens by his father. The IRS are doing audits of all involved, so time will tell. Adding more interest is that sources say:

*For months a staffer in one of the offices raided has been providing information to federal authorities. This may explain why documents were taken off the back of a picture on the wall.

Sounds like a lot of corruption eh? 6 legislators, companies, fisheries. How big?

The federal influence-buying case that erupted with fury 10 days ago with searches of a half-dozen Alaska legislative offices is being managed independently of the Alaska U.S. Attorney's office, a U.S. Justice Department official said Monday.

"The whole office is recused," Justice Department spokesman Bryan Sierra said.

Instead, the wide-ranging investigation is being overseen by attorneys from the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section in Washington, Sierra said.

Public Integrity Section? "What the hell is that?" you may ask. Well I happen to have a blockquote with just the answer:

The Public Integrity Section has about 25 attorneys, a team that often lives out of suitcases in pursuit of corruption cases as far away as Guam. They've prosecuted petty thefts by sheriff's deputies, the massive frauds of Enron and the high-profile corruption case of Jack Abramoff.

In one of my past diaries linked above I said:

Throw into the mix that VECO was a one-time owner of the now defunct Anchorage Times, and that VECO continues to pay for the production and publication of Voice of the Times, a half-page editorial section that runs in the Daily News, and you have quite the interesting read.
There's much, much more at the link above. If this involved all the key members of the Alaskan Democratic Party, you better believe it'd be Page One news in the GOP/Media.

It's becoming ever-more obvious that what is going on politically is not a mere conflict of ideology.

It is organized crime vs. law abiding citizens.
People in Alaska are actually going outside in that cold to vote?

Wow... of course, they are used to it, it's a 'dry' cold.
The thread is about Republican corruption in Alaska, Fistandantulus. Comment on that or move on, please.
Very good catch, Phoenix Woman.

The VECO scandal has not been getting very much press around here (gee, I wonder why that might be) and basically the movers and shakers and the Powers that Be around here are whistling past the graveyard big time.

I hope this comes back and bits the lot of them in a big way seven weeks hence.
Charles, if you can't see humor in life it will drag you deeper into your worries about everything.

Lighten up, your host here has comment moderation turned on, they allowed the comment, obviously they thought it worthwhile...
Charles, I apologize, the second part of my comment appears to be incorrect. This blog, which I think (but am likely mistaken) used to have comment moderation turned on now has it turned off, so all comments appear.
Fistandantulus, allow me to point out three things:

1. I, along with Phoenix Woman and MEC, am the host.
2. None of us have the time to fool around with comment moderation. We are relying on people to behave like adults.
3. Having spent two hours last night cleaning up the filth posted by a right-winger, my sense of charity is strained.

I would also suggest reviewing Terms of Service, which I have boiled down into this post. I would especially draw your attention to item 4.

I am so glad we had this chat and that you're now clear on the matter.
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