Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I Had To Share This With Y'all...

...because it's just too precious! This is what happens when a person spends too much time staring at right-wing racist hate sites (I know, I know, I'm being redundant here). From the comments section of MEC's post on the idiotic Newsweek hit piece on President Clinton:

Bill Clinton I wish he would go crawl back under his rock! This man has disgraced the Office Of The President and the entire country. He has no character or morals and the people that put him in office can not accept the fact that they made a mistake.
Yupper: He undid Reagan's tax cuts for the rich, put America on the road to financial prosperity, presided over the longest economic boom in our nation's history, and didn't go murdering 100,000 Iraqis just because he felt like it. Dang that man!
They should have known from his reputation as a governor that he was lacking in this area.
Got cites?
How can anyone believe a word he says? He has proven he is a liar, yet the people that put him in office keep making excuses for him. He will go down in history as one of the worst presidents we have ever had.
See above.
This entire situation is a good example of party politics; over look anything, just maintain the power, the hell with the country. That is what we have today!
Are you sure you're not confusing Clinton with Bush? It's easy for someone like you to do so, I know. Here's a helpful primer: Clinton's the one who paid down our debt, gave us peace and prosperity, and spoke in complete sentences. Bush is the one who can't speak coherently, undid all of Clinton's good work on the debt, and invaded a country that didn't attack us, killing over 100,000 people in the process -- partly so his buddies could make fat profits on the no-bid defense contracts he gave them, partly to install some US military bases, partly just because he could. Thanks for playing!

They need someone to hate, Phoenix Woman.

When this whole mess that Bush has constructed collapses, they will need someone to blame.

They won't blame the man who was actually on watch when bin Laden struck.

They won't blame the man who turned surpluses into deficits.

They won't blame the man who turned high world approval into universal disapproval, or strong alliances into tepid ententes.

They have to blame Clinton because it's all they have.

What empty, ugly, hollow little people.
During the Clinton Administration, the rate of teen pregnancy dropped, and so did the abortion rate. That sounds to me like President Clinton was a moral influence.
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