Wednesday, September 13, 2006


"I, Keith Ellison, do solemnly swear..."

We'll be hearing something along those lines come next January, now that Ellison has won a classic hard-fought primary battle in a DFL stronghold. Congratulations, Keith! The best things about this primary race: 1) It wasn't won with money. Erlandson and Junge, Ellison's two biggest rivals, had zillions of lawn signs and radio/TV ads; I think I may have seen one (1) green Ellison sign, and that was last week. 2) The Republicans weren't allowed to control the outcome. They wanted to cow the Democrats into staying away from a black man and a practicing Muslim. They failed.

Here's one Republican who is pleased as punch. Ellison is just the sort of trash that Minneapolis deserves to have representing it in congress.

And ohhh, the sweet scandals to come!

Everybody wins with this one.
Poor Racist Word Salad Swiftee. You're so upset about your fellow Republicans' smear tactics failing that you're actually forgetting to speak in code and have used the term 'trash', which is what racists say when they don't want to say 'n*gger'.

By the way: You and Sarah Janacek are doing pretty horribly as political predictors of Ellison's career.

And if you seriously think that Alan Fine can beat Keith Ellison, even in the lily-white suburbs, you have another "think" coming. Just as MN Publius, Britt Robson and other high-minded sorts were able to detonate every evil smear your team tried, they will make sure that the smears you try in the hinterlands have no traction.

When Congressman Ellison is sworn in next January, I'm going to take this comment of yours and post it on the front page of my blog for all to see. (Of course, knowing your previous unethical behavior, you're going to try and deny you ever made such a comment. But the log records I keep will suffice to prove you wrong.)
Sweetie, if I'd wanted to say nigger, I'd have said nigger.

But since I do not judge people by the color of their skin (which none of us has any control over), but by behavior (which we all have complete control over) I said trash which as you and Charles so expertly demonstrate is color neutral.

As to any prognostications you'd ascribe to yours truly, better think twice.

I never held any delusions that the mouth breathing morons that populate Minneapolis would suddenly have a moment of mental fact I had perfect confidence that the worse Keith X's record turned out to be, the more excited you morons would get.

And you've all come through with flying colors for me. By all means post my previous message right up on your banner with all available speed..I'd LOVE to see it up there permanently.

BTW, just what do you mean to insinuate by describing the suburbs as "lily white"?

Is that some kind of PC speak for cracker..or whitey maybe?

LOL, you miserable hypocrites crack me up!!
Or maybe I should say "Lily White" (cracker) me up eh, sweetie?

Oh, not to worry, PW. This little Republican whore keeps getting caught making blunders. His response is to swiftly flee.

Guess that's where his screen name comes from.

Anyway, post his prediction on Ellison as Ellison is being sworn in and he'll simply pretend he didn't see it.
Goody! Keep on commenting, Swiftee; I guarantee your remarks, as nonsensical as they are, will be given pride of place when Congressman Ellison is sworn in next year. I want the entire world to see how a typical Republican blogger behaves.

Speaking of typical Republican behavior, take a look at this CBO chart. (Bear in mind that the CBO, though it's supposed to be neutral, has for years been controlled by a Republican Congress.) Gee, sure looks like the GOP does a good job of wasting taxpayers' money, doesn't it? (Oh, I forgot, it's only wasted if it's spent on things like health care for veterans and poor people; it's money well spent if it goes to Blackwater or Halliburton, right? Right?)
It's hilarious, Charles. It's like watching Senator Gurney's mindless defend-Nixon speeches during the Watergate hearings; Gurney would attempt to cross-examine John Dean and Dean would just smack him down like a bug, exposing Gurney for the brainless Republican script-reader that he was.
Prediction? You mean about Ellison parlaying his regional embarrassment into a national disgrace?

Why not wait to post that one until he makes his first mistake and let's his racist, anti-Semite, adulterating, law breaking self bubble up to the'll get a lot more laughs.

BTW Chuck, I don't care what Phoenix says, I never charged her a dime. It was an act of compassionate conservativism.
I'm glad to see the tire marks on your face are healing from your act of compassion, little whore.
Jeez. Who let the Rednecks in?

I just love how obsessed the Right is with Keith Ellison. Anyone who can solicit that much attention, slime, and veiled anger from republican'ts is obviously a good choice.

After so many years of not being able to truly lynch a colored, they must be very frustrated.
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