Sunday, September 17, 2006


Klobuchar Continues To Kick Kennedy To The Curb

Remember the last Minnesota Poll, which had Amy Klobuchar up by 19 points on Mark Kennedy in the race to replace outgoing Senator Mark Dayton? The state GOP was up in arms, and their minions and surrogates in the blogosphere and the radio/TV media were trying (as usual) to get the Strib to fire the people behind the poll. Well, the latest Minnesota Poll is out, after two months. Two months in which Mark Kennedy's been doing gobs and gobs of mostly warm-and-fuzzy ads and I'm-not-a-Bush-clone ads -- though lately, now that he's hired the ad guy Saxby Chambliss used to paint wheelchair-bound Purple Heart winner Max Cleland as a traitor, he's switched to doing pretty weak attack ads against Klobuchar. And after all the millions spent on running and making these ads, the net result is: Klobuchar is now up by 22 points. That's right -- she actually added three points to her lead. The Republicans have GOT to be chasing their tails right now. They wanted this seat so badly, and they thought they could take it for sure. Guess again. UPDATE: I was wrong. The poll doesn't have her up by 22 points. It has her up by 24 points. She's added five points to her lead. And the howls of Republican outrage fill the wires.

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