Thursday, September 21, 2006


Mexico, Mexico

The dangers of militarizing the border by stationing thousands of out-of-state Guardsmen on a poorly-defined and probably undoable mission: From the Houston Chronicle, via NarcoNews reports It is boredom, supposedly, that recently led three National Guardsmen to shoot up a family barbeque while on a beer-fueled joy ride near Eagle Pass.... They were not on duty at the time. They were not in uniform. The weapon they used was not a field weapon that belonged to the federal government. They were just bored from not doing anything and decided to go out on a joyride," Herrera said. The Guardsmen are being put up in motels, getting bored, and going out drinking and joyriding, heavily armed. Tell me this makes sense. Oaxacans are marching by the thousands to Mexico City. The government of Vicente Fox continues not to intervene openly. The archbishop of Mexico, Norberto Rivera, stands accused of having protected pedophile priests. But Rivera is being protected by the PANista government. The Migra grabbed the plaintiffs's lawyers under the pretext of verifying their legal standing to be in Mexico. One of the lawyers is a Mexican. Archbishop Rivera is a member of a group, Por Mexico that includes businessmen, owners of media, and religio-politicians like Rivera as part of governing from the shadows. LaOtraTele abruptly played an interview on the nationality of the father of President Vicente Fox, in which interview participated the director of Braceroproa Ventura Gutiérrez, the investigator Miguel Kelly and the lawyer Porfirio Martínez. Ventura presented documentary evidence that José Luis Fox Pont, father of the present president of México, was American and, because V. Fox's mother was a Spaniard, V. Fox illegally became president. The Fox family was originally German, named Fuchs.
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