Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Mexico Roundup

Proceso had an article by Marco Appel, reproduced on SdP, which stated that the European election observers were not neutral. Tobias Pflueger of the United Left/Nordic Greens, a legislator and member of the European Parliament's Foreign Relations commission flatly said that the observers were not neutral. He said that Louis Michel, Commissioner of the Development Commission, supported Joseph Kabila in the elections in Congo. In Byelorussia and in Ukraine, Brussels joined with the opposition. "The EU institutions are not neutral," Pflueger said. In the Mexican election, Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Javier Solana leaned toward Calderon. The head of the observers, Salafranca supperts any right wing government. The observers claimed not to be interfering in Mexican affairs, but by approving the election ahead of the electoral court (TEPFJ), they did just that, Pflueger said. Alfredo Jalife-Rahme describes what one might call tongue-in-cheek The Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere. The acronym of the organization of concern is ASPAN (La Alianza para la Seguridad y para la Prosperidad de American del Norte; The Alliance for North American Security and Prosperity). Jalife-Rahme says that Bush maintains military control over Mexico. While there's not enough detail here to convince me of much, it's plausible for the simple reason that control of the border, and maybe of the country in case the election fraud doesn't work out, is clearly rising on the Bushco agenda. Jalife-Rahme says that Cap Weinberger wrote a book in ca. 1997 that presented plans for invasion should Mexico fall under the sway of narcotraffickers. Presumably he means narcotraffickers with allegiances different than, say, Oliver North. There was, he said, a secret meeting on September 12th in Banff Springs, Canada, where the US had 31 high-level members, and Mexico 18 at the junior level, none military. US representatives included George Schultz, Donald Rumsfeld, Admiral Tim Keating (commander Northcom), George Miller (director Lawrence Livermore Labs), Ronald F. Lehman II (Livermore), James Schlesinger, William Perry, James Woolsey, Maj Gen. Mark Volcheff (Plans, Politics, and Strategy of NORAD-Northcom), and Lt. Gen. Gene Renuart (personal assistant to Rumsfeld). Sendero del Peje had a troubling report that the PGR (Attorney General) may attempt to arrest Lopez Obrador on trumped up charges. This has been denied. The PRD deputies have broken off negotiations on committee assignments. There was a huge demo in the Zocalo to protest nationalization of electricity (and to promise a massive strike if it happens). 1,500 striking Oaxaca teachers resolved to maintain the occupation of the city until Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz is driven from office.
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