Thursday, September 14, 2006


More death and scandal in Mexico

Vacation paradise Three assassins gunned down José Trinidad Carvajal Núñez, a PRDist who had previously been the municipal director of a town in the state of Guerrero. A diesel tanker truck overturned and spilled about 6 million thousand gallons. And in the narco wars, the director of public safety in Linares, Nuevo Laredo Leon was gunned down. Thanks to Jim McCulloch of Sttone Bridge for the corrections. Go see his pretty pictures. There's a complex set of scandals involving a businessmen, PRIist Senator Emilio Gamboa, and PANista political figures. I'm not sure I can do the story justice, but here goes: A telephone conversation between Emilio Gamboa Patrón and entrepreneur Kamel Nacif Borge was intercepted, as well as a second between Borge and the governor of Veracruz. Gamboa is in the doghouse for attending a meeting with President Select: FeCal Enojoso It's not clear whether Gamboa and Nacif should be indicted for corruption or phone sex, but they ought to be busted for something. Here's a rough translation of the first: Emilio Gamboa (EG): Daddykins, where are you, you old SOB? Kamel Nacif (KN): Well, I'm here in friggin' demonville, Dad EG: But where are you, my king? Because one [Gamboa?] talks well of you all day and you vanish, you son of a f--k. KN: Well, I am going f--king along, nothing else. EG: But are you ok? KN: Well, hey, while I'm alive, I'm ok. EG: No, no, no, but are you WELL? KN: Yes, my king. EG: Yeah, well take care of yourself, you son of a b---h and we'll see you soon. KN: And how are you, Senator. EG: Oh, a real mother, throwing a dinner with some Senators, which if I told you there (inaudible) son of a b----h. KN: Where? EG: We're going to remove the reform of the racetrack, son of a b---h, now , now not of the game... of the racetrack. KN: Why? EG: To play games there, son of a b----h. KN: Huh? Ok. EG: How do you see it? KN: No, don't f---k it up EG: Well, then, whatever you say, SOB, there we go, SOB. KN: No, toss it, Dad EG: We, ok, we'll toss it. This f---king thing will never pass the Senate. KN: Balls! EG: Ok. KN:Well, balls! EG: I send you my affection. KN: When will we see one another? EG: Whenever you want, my little Kamel. KN: Well, whenever you say. Huh? EG: Returning, I am going to Washington to see some b-----ds, but I'll see you on the way back. KN: When do you go to Washington EG: I go Sunday... Saturnday, and return Tuesday at 11PM KN:Well, let's see if we can get together Wednesday EG: I'll call you on my way back, believe me, I'll call you. Don't call me now, I;ll call you, my friend. KN: High fives, Senator. EG: Hugs KN: Be well. Bye. EG: Bye The second is with the governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera: Fidel Herrera (FH): Great friend and protector, how are you? Kamel Nacif (KN). What's shaking, my distinguished Senator [sic]? FH. Good, but very much on tenterhooks, although I haven't seen you I;ve been involved in everything you've been doing well, there, the Monterey stuff, that, eeeh Kamel. Those sons of b----hes They.... KN. What has happened with you? FH. Listen up: working for our cause. Oddly today I was talking with Gamboa, at his side I was saying that I wanted to move directly with you, because now I need to see you, because the matters of the state now are landing upon us, now in days. KN. Well, whenever you like, we can see one another, my distinguished Senator FH. Great. Listen, buddy, I am at your service. Didn't they offer you anything today? KN. Nope, just checking in. FH. Yessir, I'll talk with your seccy tomorrow to set a date, right? Or if you can give me one now? KN. Whatever day you like, to me, don't say "date," for you the day which you like. FH. Ah, great. Ok, bud. KN. Ok? FH. Yes, yes, yes. Well, ok, well if you like, you'll be in Mexico on Monday? KN. Monday in Mexico? Tuesday. You want the Suntori? FH. The Suntori or the east, or wherever you say. Lessee, wait... the teacher Gamboa is telling me that he can't do it on Tueday, that I have to go with him. Can't you have dinner on Tuesday? KN. How about La Hacienda at 9:30PM? FH. Go for it: La Hacienda of the Morales. KN. Anything, a change, call me please. FH. No, it won't happen. Emilio is stopping by and wants to say hello. KN. Pass me over to Don Emiliano. The PANistas are not distressed by the corruption, but are distressed at having their phone conversations intercepted.
Heh! Shades of Gingrich, who is in favor of wiretapping except when it's done to him.
Sorry, I don't understand this at all.

Who is he meeting in DC?
Minor proofreading-type comments: The diesel tanker truck that overturned must have spilled 6000 gallons. Six million is a little too much. Also, Linares is in Nuevo Leon, not Nuevo Laredo.
Thanks for the corrections, Jim. I may have been asleep when I posted.

Lamberth, the person that Gamboa is planning to see is unknown. This is an interesting thread that could lead to the Congress or the White House. The main issue in the Mexican election is corruption, with the PRI increasingly resembling Mafia footsoldiers and the PAN, the Godfathers.

And of course the Republicans as the Capo di tutti capi.
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