Sunday, September 10, 2006


News of the day

It's all about money I was just listening to Johnny Wendell here on KTLK interviewing Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter who reports that there have been rumors around town ever since Disney refused to distribute "Fahrenheit 9/11" that Disney has a corrupt relationship with Jeb Bush in Florida. Posted on Hullaballoo, with original at American Progress by FollowtheMoney: JEB BUSH CONTROLS 7.3 MILLION SHARES OF DISNEY STOCK: As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush serves as a trustee for the state employees' pension fund. That fund owns approximately 7.3 million shares of Disney stock. According to the Orlando Sentinel on 3/2/04, how the state votes those shares in board of director elections is "a closely watched decision with political as well as economic dimensions."...EISNER TELLS JEB BUSH HOW IMPORTANT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS TO DISNEY: Disney's agreement with the state of Florida "gives the entertainment company near complete control over 40,000 acres" in the central part of the state. Disney's theme parks operate "free from government oversight – it is in effect the government – and can do almost whatever it wants with its land." Matt Stoller adds this: So I've been trying to figure out what's going on at Disney. I'm still not sure why they are sticking with this right-wing propaganda piece, but it's becoming a little clearer who has been ordering everyone to lie about it. Zenia Mucha is the EVP of Corporate Communications for Disney Corporation, in charge of all media relations, financial communications, employee communications, and corporate positioning. Lopez Obrador has agreed to lift the sit-in for the military parade on the 16th. The Mexican federal election institute, despite filings from 800 citizens, has ballot-burning on the calendar for December 31. Masked "anarchists" in Santiago, Chile (read, "right-wing agent provocateurs and/or dopes"),failed to abide by the directives of the organizers of a massive march to memorialize the murders of Augusto Pinochet, threw Molotov cocktails and paint on the presidential palace, according to La Jornada. Hugo Chavez has nationalized a sugar factory. There are not sufficient details to judge how it will be viewed in Venezuela. As for the rest of it, heck: just read Avedon.
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