Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Newsweek's Hit Piece On Keith Ellison: Where Are The Names?

I have one question to ask about this Newsweek hit piece on Keith Ellison: Where are the names? The Newsweek article's author says that Ellison's fellow Muslims are against him running -- the first time ANYONE has ever said that -- but of course the author, Lee Hudson Teslik (teslik@gmail.com, or contact his bosses at Letters@newsweek.com ), doesn't actually provide any NAMES. In fact, as usual for stories on Ellison, the only critic of his who has a name attached is none other than Daniel Rosen -- the Minneapolis attorney and prominent Republican donor who has been virtually the sole (and the most vicious) on-the-record critic of Keith Ellison over the last six months, as I noted here. Oh and by the way: Front Page Mag, which some Republican attackers of Ellison love to cite as a "source", is a David Horowitz production -- and Horowitz is not exactly trustworthy, as we find here, here, and here.

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