Saturday, September 09, 2006


One of recently-exposed presstitutes was engaged in anti-Lopez Obrador work

Ten Florida journalists, three associated with the Miami Herald, were recently exposed as being on the Bush Administration's payroll to do anti-Castro propaganda, receiving amounts of up to ca. $30,000 per year. Now it develops that one of them, Carlos Alberto Montaner of a Spanish language paper called ABC, wrote a column that was not particularly complimentary about Lopez Obrador. (Image from La Jornada) Your tax money at work. In Oaxaca, human rights organizations affirm that plainclothes police have engaged in arbitrary detentions and torture. They also say that the population has taken to arming itself to cope with the growing anarchy. Brutal, terrifying militias have arisen to deal with crime. El Universal gives a story in which it very much sounds like the alleged criminals were members of the ruling class. There were significant protests against Calderon in Morelia, such that he had to cancel an event. According to SenderpdelPeje, unlike in Mexico City, the protestors were rowdy. Some had rotten eggs and tomatoes. The Convention Center was converted into a fortress. Calderon had to leave immediately after his talk, not even waiting for the applause because of the crowd growing outside. The press were ordered peremptorily onto buses. When it was pointed out that certain reporters hadn't made it to the buses, the order was given, "We aren't going to discuss it. Get on."
Which one, Charles?
Sorry it took this long to reply, Lambert: Carlos Alberto Montaner of a Spanish language paper called ABC was the one.
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