Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Path to 9/11 Not Taken by ABC

A few scenes missing from ABC's docudrama, compiled by McCamy Taylor in Salon's Table Talk: 1. GOP Congress accuses Clinton of playing Wag the Dog when he bombs Osama Bin Laden's compound. 2. GOP Congress rejects the recommendations of the Gore Commission on Aviation Safety that might have prevented 9/11, bowing to pressure from the airline industry. 3. Republicans attempt to sabotage Clinton's final efforts to broker a Mideast peace, in a last-ditch effort to tarnish his legacy, leaving the Mideast politically unstable. 4. The Bush Administration tries to broker a gas pipeline deal between the Taliban and Enron in the summer of 2001. When the Taliban refuses the administration threatens military reprisal. Plans for the invasion of Afghanistan are already drawn up before 9/11. 5. George W. Bush reads "My Pet Goat" after he is notified of the first attack on the WTC and (incredibly) keeps reading after being notified of the second attack. 6. Rumsfeld wants to ignore the Taliban and march straight into Iraq, first stop on the Neocon agenda. As mentioned above, Enron has reasons for wanting the Taliban out of power. Enron prevails. 7. Within days of 9/11, the GOP House puts together an "economic stimulus" package that will give an immediate infusion of cash to Enron, which insiders have reason to know is failing, though the official bankruptcy does not occur until a month later when the Democratic Senate rejects the "economic stimulus" bill for Enron.

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